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This Old Jokes video is available at YouTube to watch for free or you may watch it here for free.

This is a "What if?" comedy video. It is based on an idea of what might be said if a eulogy happened to be given for someone who had a way with words. A eulogy comedy could be done about a lexicographer such as Webster using big words or about a used car salesman who died with so few miles on the odometer. The idea would be to come up with a few familiar phrases and then decide what occupation they might describe and then decide who is the character being eulogized.

While it is important for you to remember to not try to be funny when you are doing stand up or acting ensemble comedy, it is very important to write some funny material and then deliver it as though it is true. Think of all the great comics you admire. They usually come onstage looking very intelligent. They dress like school teachers and then they talk about what happened to them or their lawyer or doctor or family members or a salesman or customer support person to whom they spoke.

Does your character have a loud or soft voice? Does your character perhaps say something softly for the set up and then scream out the punch line? Start designing who the character is and you will be able to write funny things for the character to say. Is your character a blue collar worker or a playboy or a housewife or a piano player who gets his music sheets mixed up? Does your character carry on a conversation with him/herself? If so, do you end up being two people onstage at the same time talking back and forth to yourself in different voices as you change your look from right to left and back again?

If you are a serious type of character, there is a place for you at the comedy table. I worked four years on the TV sitcom Dear John doing very serious facial expressions, dead pan delivery, to outrageous situations and remarks. A straight man is always needed in a comedy group of any size. A stone face or dead pan kisser is often funny for its non reaction where our minds tell us there should be a smile here or a laugh but the character remains straight faced.

Try imagining your character is some situations. "What if" the character went out west and met a gunslinger or tried gambling in Las Vegas? What if your character tried out for the football team in high school? What if your character tried working on his boss' car? What kind of problems arose? Tell us what happened.

Mae West Beautiful Mae West in this 1957 photo shows her character and her style. She was a comedienne, a movie star, a writer, a singer and a rights activist who remained in the public eye for more than50 years. Her onscreen and onstage persona actually got her in trouble with many moral supremacists and she even spent some time behind bars for daring to do a play called Sex in the 1920s. She always had a smile for the camera. Her comedy has withstood the test of time. It's not the men in your life that matters... It's the life in your men. Come up and see me sometime. Is that a ten gallon hat or are you just glad to see me?

Tribute to Comedy

Frank Fontaine Incredibly funny Frank Fontaine, who was better known as Crazy Guggenheim, was a comic and very popular singer. He had a number one album in 1963 of songs he sang on Jackie Gleason's TV show. That was the year I met him and I did interview him on KVEG Radio in Las Vegas. He made the interview easy as he went from character to character. He developed a totally different personality for his comedy performance from his singing appearance. He managed to combine two great careers into one body.

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