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A Page about comedy... Where does it come from?.

This Old Jokes video is available at YouTube to watch for free or you may watch it here for free.

This is one of my older YouTube videos which is based on the internet shorthand. I wrote and recorded this song for YouTube. I have often done backyard folk songs with guitar. The source for the material in this song was the many comments and messages I have seen at various internet sites. I realized LOL was a "Universal" subject which almost everyone understood, but nobody had yet written a comedy song about it.

Look for anything that is taken seriously now and have some fun with it. It is a comedy source.

If you suddenly have to give a speech at the lodge this weekend and you want to have some comedy, I suggest looking at quotes of some of the comics of fifty and more years ago. You can use their quotes to create "new" comedy. Read what was said by Groucho Marx, Oscar Levant, WC Fields, Mae West, Will Rogers, Johnny Carson and Jimmy Durante to name a few.

Oscar Levant said, "Behind the phony tinsel of Hollywood lies the real tinsel." That can be changed for your speech to something like, "Behind all the silly nonsense I might be saying here toninght, there is a great deal of serious nonsense."

Johnny Carson said, "A Democracy is where anyone can grow up to become President. And if they don't grow up, they can become Vice President." That could be changed to, "Our city is a great place where anyone can grow up to be Mayor. If you don't grow up, you will have to become Governor."

Jimmy Durante said, "I hate music, especially when it is played." That can be changed to, "I don't hate Rap music or Heavy Metal or Punk Rock music... unless somebody plays it."

Will Rogers said, "A fool and his money are soon elected." Change that for your address to something like, "A fool and his money are always more welcome than a wise man seeking funds."

A source for comedy can be an old joke book, an old comedy movie, something a politician said as a joke, or maybe better, as a serious statement. A source for comedy can be old quotes of various comics and funny people, often Presidents.

If you are at an airport write at least two airport and airplane jokes. If you are at a school, look around you and write a couple of school or teacher jokes. If you are driving to work every day, think of "What if?" as you negotiate the traffic. If you do impressions, imagine some famous person dealing with traffic, or working at McDonald's or put the wrong star in an action movie. Do a Terminator 8 starring Pee Wee Herman or Kermit The Frog or some YouTube star such as Fred.

There are some comedy boxed sets of DVDs of the comedy atars of the 1930s which have a lot of material at a low cost per laugh. If you watch some of the old blacka dn white comedy movies and ignore the plots and the songs, you will find many lines which can be changed a slight bit, maybe just a word or two, and the comedy is still relevant. There are remarks about taxes and hard times and dentists and bad cooking that never grow old. Some of the comedy collections star WC Fields, The Marx Brothers, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy and Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

Other famous funny quoters include; Oscar Wilde, Erna Bombeck, Noel Coward, Everett Dirksen, Jack Benny, Phyllis Diller and Paul Lynde.

Schnozolla This is a frame from a show Jimmy Durante did in the 1950s. The sign in the background says, "No Smoking." The show was sponsored by a cigarette company. Jimmy was one of the funniest entertainers I have ever watched in person. He is very quotable. You will get some ideas of how to create your own comic character by watching and reading about some of the old vaudeville veterans like Jimmy.

Jimmy was a comedian who starred in movies, TV and radio. He did live shows in Las Vegas in the 1950s and later. He played most large cities on the Vaudeville Circuit in the 1930s. He actually had big hit records late in his career in the 1960s. His recordings of Young at Heart and September Song were top ten hits.

Tribute to Comedy

Will Rogers Will Rogers started his show business career as a cowboy with a rope act. What a rope act. Some of the old film clips will still amaze the YouTube viewers. He soon was doing comedy movies and Westerns.He then became a radio star. His wit made him "America's Cowboy Philosopher." You will find many of jis quotes can be used today with no changes necessary. Some can easily be updated. He was a very funny man.

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