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This Old Jokes video is available at YouTube to watch for free or you may watch it here for free. This video has slightly adult language which means kids will find it funnier than adults.

This is one of my YouTube videos. There will be more.

You Tube Videos

I made this video without meeting my co star. It is a collab in the lingo of YouTube. I used the already uploaded video which had been placed on YouTube by Aleisha and I added my part. I wrote all of my lines after seeing her video called "How to Date Everyine on YouTube." It was difficult to edit the pieces together. Doing collabs at YouTube has been fun and also hard work for me. This video is probably one of my funniest.

Editing software for video makers is very low cost now. It is possible to do excellent effects and the end product will rival today's TV shows. The quality from a $50 software might exceed what TV stations were putting out just a decade ago.

Video cameras have also gone down in price, but they now seem to be leveling off. The cameras are excellent quality. I recommend looking for a camcorder which has an audio (mic) input jack for an external microphone when you want better audio quality.

A comedy video with music

This video is also at YouTube, free to watch, there or here. This is a song which was featured in Laurel and Hardy's Way Out West. Their version of the song is sensational. I did both parts of this video using what is known as a "clone" effect. It is hard to get both parts synched, especially for a musical number. One of the handy features of today's video editing software is the ability to make black and white moving images. I use Magix for video software. I have used Sony in the past. For video editing be sure to get a software that has lots of tracks available if you want to do effects.

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Tribute to Comedy

To all who try to make people laugh, this site is dedicated.

I hope many of you who might be high school or college age or younger will consider doing some comedy performances. Remember, it is all about making strangers laugh, not just your friends and family. Hone your material. Keep what works. You often will be surprised the audience will laugh at something you did not think was funny. Keep that in the act.

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