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This Old Jokes video is available at YouTube to watch for free or you may watch it here for free. This video has slightly adult language which means kids will find it funnier than adults.

This is one of my YouTube videos. There will be more.

You Tube Videos

YouTube is today what TV was about 1948. Many people were starting to buy TVs after World War 2 and some of the earliest shows had low cost programming like you now see on internet videos. There is a charm in the low budget approach to comedy that is totally missed by network executives.

I was in an NBC TV sitcom from 1988 until 1992. The show was called Dear John. It was fun to work and it was a somewhat funny show, but I can tell you the show was never as funny as the rehearsals. Things went wrong at rehearsals. What went on the air was carefully edited to eliminate mistakes and it was cut and chopped like a low rider car to fit into a time slot. TV and movies suffer from scripted comedy, formula comedy, carefully edited scenes that make way for the 8 minutes of commercials each half hour. YouTube videos have goofs and are as long as the video maker decides to make them... up to the fifteen minute limit of YouTube at this time. You might watch a YouTube video and find yourself laughing at the straight line. The YouTube video maker/editor/director might not yet have an age that reaches the double digits. It is also possible the video maker and actor could be, like myself, a senior citizen.

A comedy video with music

This video is also at YouTube, free to watch, there or here. This is a song I wrote about Noah. It should be very safe for all ages. It features me singing with guitar and doing one impression. It might give you some ideas about how you can do some comedy if you already play guitar or some instrument. Also think about where you will be doing your show. You might dress differently for a Western bar than you would for an ocean liner show.

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Tribute to Comedy

To all who try to make people laugh, this site is dedicated.

I hope many of you who might be high school or college age or younger will consider doing some comedy performances. Remember, it is all about making strangers laugh, not just your friends and family. Hone your material. Keep what works. You often will be surprised the audience will laugh at something you did not think was funny. Keep that in the act.

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