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This piano comedy with original song video is available at YouTube to watch for free or you may watch it here for free.

This is one of my YouTube videos. There will be more.

Funny Songs and Music

There are two ways to combine comedy with music. One is to concentrate on the lyrics. The other way to be funny with music is to focus on the way the music is performed. Changing the lyrics to popular songs was done by "Weird Al" Yankovic and by Homer and Jethro.

Writing original comedy lyrics for songs was done by Ray Stevens, Shel Silverstein and David Seville.

Funny musical performances were the specialty of Spike Jones and also Stan Freberg.

To write original comedy lyrics for a song I recommend always having a pencil or pen and paper. You never know when an idea might come along. Once you have the idea jotted down, you can do the actual writing later. Just be sure you do not lose the idea.

Usually when I write a song the idea comes first and I fill in the blanks later. If I know where the song is going I am able to think of a list of words which relate to the subject matter. I then think of words that rhyme with the key words. An example might be if I am writing a song about Las Vegas, I would make a list of words like casino, slots, hot, dry, gambling, show and strip. I would then think of rhyming words like, Reno, lots, not, sky, rambling, flow and blip. I would use the key words at the end of the last line in a verse and the rhyming word in the second line, if there are four lines per verse . The key word would be the "punch word" of the "punch line." I always try, when writing a song, to use some words I have never heard used before in a song. This often means multiple syllable words.

If you do stand up comedy with guitar and a song or two or several, you will find the audience to be much more responsive than if you just tell jokes or one liners. Watch a Homer and Jethro live video or a Smothers Brothers stage performance. There are many YouTube funny song videos.

If you are singing the song without changing the lyrics, but doing the music in a funny way, that can help you develop a comedy act which will be welcome in most casinos and clubs. Some comedy teams do lip synch acts in outrageous costumes. If the video is available on YouTube, watch Jerry Van Dyke lip synching to Frankie Laine's recording of Mule Train. It was something I saw him do in the 1960s and it is still very funny. There is a clip of Jerry performing the act on a show called Yes Dear. If you can do something that funny with a recorded song, you will have a comedy act that can work anywhere and be brought back to do it again.

You can meet other musicians at open mic shows who will be glad to form a comedy act. Some musicians take themselves very seriously and others are more able to do comedy. Create an act by yourself, or with another performer or two or use a recording that is part of your lip synch act.

I did know a lip synch artist who also worked as a movie extra with me on occasion. His nane was David Lee Bynum. He had an incredibly funny lip synch, fast change artist routine which he did on the streets in Hollywood in the 1960s and 1970s. He stood in front of Swenson's Ice Cream on Hollywood Boulevard near Las Palmas. He had a cassette player playing some songs he had put together. The songs were Opera, Rock and Roll, Country and instrumentals. He would wear a blond pig tail wig for when he lip synched to the lady Opera singer. He would change quickly to a cowboy hat and other outfits as the music played. He was a brilliant performer. Believe it or not he could make a good living in a couple of hours each night with tips. Musical comedy at the entry level with income.

Victor Borge The great Victor Borge used piano for comedy. Perhaps you will use something different. Guitar or ukulele are very portable instruments. If you can play one or learn to play one, all you will need is a few songs that evoke laughter to get your act started. It takes time to develop a great act, but you have to start somewhere. If you can come up with two forty minute shows you will be able to audition for any casino or ocean liner. If you have a half hour act you will be able to do comedy at some lodges and you will be able to open for a singer at a club. If you have a really good lip synch act you can become very popular at YouTube (Use Public Domain sources) and you also will be able to entertain at company picnics (They pay) and weddings and reunions. Shows pop up everywhere and entertainment is something people will always need.

Funny piano players include Victor Borge, Chico Marx and Steve Allen. If you can think of a new way to have fun with a piano, get booked at the lodges in your city. Lodges pay well. Make your act one that is called back several times each year. It takes effort but you can become a funny musical comic.

Musical and comedy acts are booked by colleges and universities, clubs (singles clubs, sports clubs, etc.), hotels and casinos. Get a good agent.

Tribute to Comedy

spike To all who try to make people laugh, this site is dedicated.

In this picture we see the great musician/comic, Spike Jones, seated on the right. He had many hit movelty recordings. He had radio and TV shows and he played live comedy music in places like Las Vegas where I once saw his act in person. I highly recommend Spike Jones, whose videos are available at YouTube. Spije Jones was a bandleader who could lead his orchestra easily going back and forth between beautiful big band music and zany comical tunes.

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